Why Does my Head Itch When I Wear a Hat? Things you Should Know.

Lots of people have asked, why does my head itch when I wear a hat or a beanie? Some say, “I can’t even put on a visor without experiencing itching.” It’s horrible what could it be irritating the scalp this much?  These questions have derived lots of research to provide a solution to it.

The truth is, these questions are being asked by everyone, even those who don’t have dandruff itch like crazy. And this problem could be a buildup of chemicals or simply because your hair is dirty. But the issue is, it only happens when you put on a hat.

What could be this? You check your scalp and can’t find anything visible. You may think of washing your hair often and remember that African hair doesn’t need washing as often as Caucasian hair, but your head itches the more when you sweat.

Why does my head itch when I wear a hat?

If you are the type who hat or cap every day, the result of your itchy head may be because you have done something different lately like changing your shampoo. The worst of all is complaining of having head lice, and bed bugs. The truth is, using a head lice shampoo can make the scalp itch too.

Without much adobe, let’s explore further as I provide a details explanation to you.

1.     Bacteria and Fungus due to sweating | Why does my head itch when I wear a hat?

Most times, an itchy scalp does occur due to the warm material causing sweating.  Left on the scalp, the sweat becomes a breeding ground where bacteria and fungus grows.  And this is the reason why you experience an itchy head. This problem might be critical especially when you have skin issues like eczema,  rashes, and dandruff. The type of material which is used to make the hat could another source of your irritation.

It’s medically explained that when sweating takes place, the pores get opened and this releases oil, water fat, and salt. Itchy occurs when your skin gets sweats because it is discharging out the toxic substance underneath your skin. After then, the pores of the skin can get blocked.

This issue could even get worst when your use different chemical-based shampoo on your hair which may later dry out the scalp and cause irritation.

 How to prevent your scalp from itching by bacteria and fungus

  • You should prevent wearing of hat or beanie for long period. This is because you will need to give your scalp a chance to breathe and whip away any toxic sweat which will ease the itching scalp.
  •  At the end of a long day of wearing your hat, you should make sure that you wash your hair with a natural shampoo, ( Christiana Moss Natural Shampoo.) this will help clean the scalp without much stress and damage.
  • After sweating, do ensure that you wash your hair immediately, don’t allow it to get dried up as it’s still full of fungus and bacteria. Your dried-out hat will be no cleaner than unwashed hair.
  • If you have other painful scalp conditions, get them treated immediately

2.     Allergic Reactions and Treatments

Why you have an itchy scalp when you wear a hat or beanie is due to lots of factors, if I may ask, Have you eaten something out of the ordinary lately? There are some foods to which you are allergic.  Also, chemicals like dermatitis and Eczema can cause an allergic reaction. This irritation after dying your hair is usually common.

You can identify what is unique, ruling it out achieved with minimal effort. To get rid of that, using a remedy containing salicylic acid will aid with dandruff flakes, psoriasis, or seborrhea. You can buy the lotion salicylic acid, liquid cream, soap, gel, ointment, and shampoo. But before you think of applying the salicylic acid to your scalp, do ensure that you read the user’s manual properly to avoid severe issues.

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3.     Skin Conditions that Affects the Scalp.

At this moment, any itchy scalp should not be anything you should get bothered about, but yet, you may want to go for treatment. Make sure you see your doctor when you experience things like.

  • Experience soreness where you itch
  • Not observe any relief from shampoo or OTC treatments
  • Itch to the point you are up at night.

There are other remedies you can use to avoid itching scalp or skin conditions. For conditions like Psoriasis – (psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, that caused red scaly patches to appear on the scalp or the skin) Dermatitis and dandruff are treatable.

Don’t get bothered because such conditions are not contagious at the same time you have the chance of having this disease if you have a family member who has once been affected by the disease.

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How do you treat Psoriasis?  

Treating this disease is not as hard as you may think, the first thing you need to do is to get topical cortisone or shampoo with salicylic acid or coal tar. This is because it will help to control or eliminate psoriasis of the scalp. And if the issue persists, then you will need to make an appointment with your dermatologist to prescribe a stronger cure for you.

You may keep asking why does my head itch when I wear a hat? Well, dermatitis and dandruff are the major causes of an itchy scalp. Yeast thrives in places like the scalp. However, yeast can survive in other parts of the body as well as where there’s hair growth.

A shampoo that contains zinc or selenium will best keep dermatitis and dandruff under control along with anti-fungal shampoos. And if it still doesn’t work, then you should try a prescription-strength cortisone cream or ointment.

Other Ways to stay itch-free under your winter or summer hat

Do you really love hat? Or has someone advised that you try wearing a hat while receiving chemotherapy because it looks so fashionable?

Try it out!

Hats are currently back in trend and provide a real touch of style to your outfit.

But be aware that wearing a wool or felt winter hat could itch your scalp.

Your delicate skin may quickly become irritated underneath your attractive straw boater on hot summer days.

But you may easily rectify that by donning a light hat or scarf underneath!

1. Chemo sleep caps: supple and unobtrusive

You can decide to wear your chemotherapy sleep cap under your hat during the day, which is right. Your sensitive scalp can use an extra layer which gives it comfort during chemo, in a neutral or fun colour or print. What we don’t know is that ordinary hats are not designed to be worn directly on the scalp the scalp. They often have a band, ribbon or stitching on the inside that cause your skin to irritate. As we stated earlier, The material itself can cause you discomfort by making your skin feel itchy: wool or felt for winter hats, or the straw or paper used for sunhats in summer.

2. Use non-itchy beanie hats

Another option is to invest in non itchy hat. These are specially designed for ladies who suffer hair loss. Thus, they feature removable tags, and double layering. So, their interiors feel calm on the scalp. The best non itchy hat will blend practicality with style. They have seamless and soft interiors. Or maybe you prefer a soft cotton hat. At Masumi Headwear, we even offer one for men.


Whenever people are seen asking lots of questions like why do my head itch when I wear a hat? The common answer to this question is because of the reactions that usually take place on their scalp as the skin releases some toxic fluid which ends up reacting with hat causing itches and irritation. To stop itchy heads, either wear a sleeping hat or invest in non-itchy chemo hats.

Hopefully, now your irritated scalp days are over. The truth is that these same techniques are not limited to beanie hats alone. They also work for all types of headwear.

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