how to use neem leaves for hair growth and strength.

If you have been facing lots of difficulties with your hair growth, don’t worry much because I will show you how to use neem leaves for hair growth. Neem leaves can have multiple benefits to help you fix your hair challenges, especially when it comes to tackling challenges like hair loss or hair breakage.

Add neem oil to your hair conditioner to improve its health and long tresses.

We are so much sure that you have come in contact with so many mighty neem trees around your environment. In Nigeria, they call it the ‘Dogo-Yaro tree’ while in India, they call it ‘the mighty neem tree’. people around the world call it a ‘wonder tree’ because it has so many medicinal properties. Many consume it to maintain blood sugar levels and also use the leaves during chickenpox, the neems tree has been used for time immemorial to promote health issues. However, many people lack the knowledge that neem leaves are used to promote healthy growth.

containNaturally, neem leaves contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, they are also rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. Due to these properties in it, neem leaves make sure that your hair and scalp stay healthy, help helps to combat other issues like hair loss to dullness.

But, how can you use neem leaves for hair growth?

In these articles, I will show you some effective steps how to use Neem leaves for your hair growth.

Step 1

You will need some apparatus like your pot and a reagent like (coconut oil) for this exercise. you can order for your coconut oil. First, Get your neem leaves, wash them properly and grind them to paste, you can use different means of grinding, such as mortar and a piston of stone to grind them gradually.

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if you don’t know where and how to get your coconut oil, you can place an order via clicking on the photo below

Step 2:

Analyze your coconut oil, place your pot on the fire, pour in the coconut oil, and heat it subsequently at a low temperature. Next, you will turn your neem paste gently into the pot and stir it instantly. Determine and check the mixture to its boiling point and stir it thoroughly until you notice that the oil in the pot has outing green. Next is to turn off the fire and allow the mixture to cool for some minutes.

Step  3:

You can extract the oil from the paste gently in a clean and dry glass then close with cover.

Now everything is ready, your neem oil is also ready for application on the hair especially in the areas where you face these challenges most. You should apply this oil when you wash the hair properly with shampoo or after taking your bath, you apply it as much as you can.

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After two weeks of your application, it will make your hair stronger, thicker, and shiny.  Note, that this oil is also applicable to the skin this is because it helps in toning the skin. After this exercise, you will be amazed by the result that your hair will display. You can produce it in excess to keep on applying it to the hair to keep growing massively.

In case you get confused during this practical, I advise you to drop your comment in the comments section below and your email for clarification.

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