Fashion design and other trades to Do To Earn Big as a Graduate.

As a Graduate of Nigeria, Fashion design, baking, FOREX, POS, and hairdressing are the Unique trade you could learn to earn a living. the mistake you shouldn’t be doing is believing you could earn big by depending on the government or a white-collar job.

However, some Skills will give you advantages over fellow job seekers in Nigeria. You can also learn more than one skill.

However, without much adobe, I will briefly explain some essential skills you can invest your time in to generate income in the nearest future. I advise that you take your time and read them in detail.

1. Learning Fashion Designing

Among businesses that are building profit in Nigeria, Fashion designing is one of them. If you look carefully, the world is all about fashion as fashion houses are doing their best to elevate us to another level of fashion. The fashion industry works every day, time, and minute of the day. It doesn’t have a season or time.

During festive periods, fashion designers are seen making huge sums of money from their clients with little effort of service. However, you can learn this skill and in less than a year you are already hitting it big if you learn well.

2. Baking and Culinary Services

As Nigerian baking is also a unique skill you can have after your school. In this business, one will make a huge sum of money with just a little effort. This skill presents you with an opportunity to widen or sharpen your culinary skills. This involves learning how to bake a cake, chin-chin, meat-pie, fish-roll, food, etc.

3. Internet Writing Skill

If you look around, the world is all about the internet, Internet has made the world to be a global village. Most wealthy individuals today are making it through the Internet.

you can learn how to make money online in nigeria as a student where by you will write for an online news platform and you would receive a huge sum of money after compiling all your writing skills during your project, it will help you a long way.

To go into this business, all you need is just your smartphone or your PC that will help you access the Internet, after trying this trust me you will live a better lifestyle after your school.

4. Hairdressing and Barbing

Hairdressing and barbing are one of the good skills you could go into in Nigeria, It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, you can be a hairdresser with excellent skills that will bring more customers.

AS a man, you can make women’s hair and as a woman, you can do men’s haircuts. People always have haircuts or plait hair to look good. Therefore, having this skill will always fetch you money.

5. Photography and Film Making

I have a friend who has these skills and earns up to a million every month. He doesn’t have to do an 8 to 5 job. People usually take pictures or videos to keep the memory of events such as ceremonies, matriculation, wedding, birthday, etc.

Photographers and filmmakers attend events and all of these events either invited or not, make great cash.

6. Web and Graphic Design

Because the world is going digital, we are having an influx of websites or blogs coming into the limelight. Before you go into this digital hustle, I advise you to go to Youtube to have some basic skills about blogging and Graphics design, easier and faster. Therefore, learning web design allows you to work and earn big.

Most companies can locate you to market their products for them because you are dealing with the audience, this will be a source of good earnings for you.

Also, The service of graphic designers is needed daily by novelists, writers, bloggers, companies, etc.

7. FOREX trading

FOREX trading is one of the top sources of income in Nigeria, most Youths are making huge sums of money daily while trading on FOREX.

Before you go into FOREX trading, you must learn and invest in knowledge or its education 80 percent and trade with the acquired skills for 20 percent. People make thousands of naira daily.

I hope that these little tips of mine will assist you to live a better life in Nigeria even without the Government jobs available.

If I may ask, what are your thoughts on the tips provided to you?

Kindly drop your advice or contribution for job seekers. And don’t forget to like, share and follow me for more posts.


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