Cyber-cafes and other businesses you can start with less than N500,000.

Are you prepared to start a business or planning to start one soon, but you’re unsure and skeptical about which profitable business to start with N500k Cyber-cafe are one of the Businesses you can start in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are many viable businesses to start for 500,000 Naira that is both profitable and undeveloped.

It’s advised that you make deep reach and inquiry before investing your money into any business, it will be a serious problem when you invest your money in a business that you have low knowledge about.

Setting up a business that will not benefit you in the long term is a gamble no one wants to take, especially in a nation like Nigeria, in which the economy is struggling

Most businesses today crash not because they lack finance but because they lack adequate knowledge of the business they invest their money into.

Having a broad knowledge of your business helps an investor to grow his business fast and wider.

However, in this article, I will discuss some businesses you can start in Nigeria with only the sum of N500,000 in 2022.


While considering some major online stores in Nigeria, these are companies that deal with international trading such as importing commodities into Nigeria

This business is done in such a way that you order things online from places where they are cheaply bought, then import them into Nigeria and resell them to generate high profit. An individual can start up this business with only N500,000 if you have a good knowledge of what they are doing.

This involves buying and selling stuff like fashion accessories, home gadgets, and others. You can open a retail store, and purchase and transport items in large quantities with just the sum of N500,000. Lots of people have a need, if you can market this product effectively then you can make almost double your investment in your first trip.


A printing and cybercafe business is yet another fast-moving big idea in Nigeria. This is also a low-risk, high-profit enterprise that you can begin with N500,000.

Before you jump into this business, you should look for a very good location that will make this business move very fast. Places like students environments are mostly recommended for such kinds of business. This is because most students are engaged with lots of assignments by their respective lecturers, so you make use of this advantage for your interest.

When a good environment is achieved, making income would be very easy for you.


In Nigeria, this is another excellent venture with N500,000. The car-washing industry is booming in Nigeria’s many states. This business is also similar to that of the Cybercafe business, you are too, first of all, to locate a reasonable position before starting such business, location like busy roads are recommended and not a highway, and also a place where there is the availability of water.

One can set up this business by renting a half plot of land (50/50) and then buying your storage tank and others. Trust me when this business is in a good location, within the range of 6months, you would recover back your capital.


In Nigeria, you can also learn

how to start a pos withdrawal business in nigeria What you already know about how this can make you a huge amount of money is not far off. In communities where banks are far away from them. Another aspect is that there are some banks where there are many queues, and many customers who don’t have time to wait in lines would rather use a POS. Every day, people do financial transactions, and the POS industry requires no special skills. POS business is best done in such an environment. in this business, you would only need to get your POS device and register yourself as a bank agent or an online mobile banking agent.

Although this business is a little bit risky if done in an unsecured environment, it should be done where there is the attention of the public and your closing time should not exceed 5:00 pm in case of Robbers.

If I may ask, what do you have to say concerning these tips of business ideas which I bring to you, don’t you think you would make more profit in such business?

please share your thoughts with me in the comments section below let’s interact and know your thoughts.

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