Check eligibility for unemployment benefits

In this chapter, you are going to find out if you are eligible for unemployment benefits. And also learn about the requirements to become eligible for (UI) benefits and discover what can hinder you weekly benefits.

In this days, most Massachusetts workers are protected by this unemployment insurance benefit which is been offered to them before they get a new job.

When you apply for unemployment benefit, your eligibility status depends on your earnings and most importantly, the reasons why you leave your job. The eligibility requirements include being able to work, actively searching for work, and available for work.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits

There are many factors which will make someone eligible for UI benefits.

  • You must Have earned at least $5,700 during your last completed calendar quarters
  • You must be legally authorized to work in the united-states of America.
  • You must  be unemployed or not working through no fault of your own
  • You must be able to be suitable work without delay when you are provided

Weekly eligibility requirements

For an individual to be qualify for benefits, every week, below are the requirements

  • You must available to work
  • You must be physically fit for work
  • You must be actively looking for work at least (3 work search attempts)

You may also need to register with a career center to complete mandatory seminars to aid to receive unemployment benefits.

Who is not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits

Not every maybe eligible for the unemployment insurance benefits and this happen when your source of employment from the following:

  • When you are working as an employee of a non-profit or religious company
  • When you are working as a mere trainee in a program run by a non-profit or public institution
  • When you are working as a real estate agent or a secured insurance agent who work just for commission
  • `when you work as an elected official
  • When you work as a member of the judiciary or legislative body
  • When you work as a  government official in a advisory position
  • When you work as student in a work study program
  • And also when you work as a  consultant who works independently

What affects your weekly unemployment benefits

You might be eligible for your unemployment benefits but there are some factors that may affect your weekly unemployment benefits, these are:

  • If you are not able to work and actively seeking work
  • When you quit, refuse or you are fired from a job
  • If you receive income from other areas
  • If you later become self employed
  • If you travel for non-work related reasons
  • When you work while you are receiving the unemployment benefits
  • When you attend school training full-time without the approval of the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA)

Here are contacts for Departments of Unemployment Assistance

Call center (877) 626-6800

Tele cert line (Automated system is operational*)

Call center (617) 626-6563

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