Loyal American Life Insurance Cancer Policy-Benefits

Loyal American life insurance cancer policy is a unique coverage formed to provide financial assistance to victims who are diagnosed with cancer the cost could add up quickly after the free lookup time stated in the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. A loyal American life insurance cancer insurance policy is designed to cover the expenses of cancer diagnosis and treatment, which includes hospitalization, radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and other cancer-related treatment expenses including childcare, transportation, and lodging expenses.

Your health is important to living a full and happy lifestyle. That is why having cancer treatment insurance makes good financial sense.

In this cancer insurance policy, the funds are being paid at a different level of diagnosis, which is minor, major, and critical. The plan does not provide maturity, death, or surrender benefits. In truth, it’s not restricted to the cost of treatment.

Base policy offer of loyal American life insurance cancer policy.

Below are some essential benefits of the range of treatments, care, and associated costs of the insurance provider.

  • The issue ages from 18-99
  • Provides coverage for you,  your spouse, and your family
  • Paid regardless of any other insurance  you may be having
  • Riders for added flexibility
  • Guaranteed renewable for life

Covered benefits of loyal American life insurance insurances cancer policy

When an individual is diagnosed, the following benefits are included in your policy.

Hospital benefits

  • Hospital confinement benefit – does your cancer treatment requires you to base at the hospital or the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital as an inpatient, the insurance policy will pay will support you by paying a daily benefit amount for 30 days of the confinement. However, if confinement continues after the first 30 days, the daily benefit amount will be doubled.
  • Outpatient diagnostic benefit – if you get diagnosed with cancer within 90 days of incurring a charge for any type of laboratory test, x-ray, biopsy, or other imaging tests, the insurance providers are responsible for paying such benefit amount. However, they are limited to a maximum payment of two, per lifetime or person.
  • Attending Physician benefit – the insurance providers pay a benefit amount for each day you receive and incur a charge for the professional services of an attending physician while confined as an inpatient in a hospital or an ICU for the care and cancer treatment.

Surgical benefits

  • Anesthesia for outpatient facility surgery benefit – each day that you incur a charge for the administration of anesthesia, they cover the payment, especially during a surgical procedure performed in an outpatient facility or an outpatient basis within a hospital for the treatment and care of cancer.
  • Inpatient hospital facility surgical benefit – the company pays the amount of the benefit (once per day, and person) for every day that you incur a charge for an operation performed in the hospital on an inpatient basis for the treatment and care of cancer.

Treatment benefits

  • Blood, plasma, and platelet benefit – when you are to receive blood, plasma, and platelet to treat cancer, there is a daily benefit amount paid by ta the insurance provider, except if the blood is replaced by you or your family member. This coverage is limited to a maximum of 30 days (1 month) per person, per calendar year.
  • Reconstruction breast surgery beneficiaries need breast reconstruction surgery as a direct result of surgery for cancer covered under the policy, the bills will be paid by the insurance provider to receive the surgery.
  • Anti-nausea drug benefit – if you are receiving radiation energy or chemotherapy, a benefit amount will be given to you for each month that you incur a charge for a doctor-prescribed anti-nausea drug, excluding medical marijuana. This coverage is payable only once per person, per calendar month, even when more than one drug is prescribed within, the calendar m on a, and is limited to a maximum of 10 months per person, per calendar month.
  • Radiation benefit – the benefit amount for each calendar week will be paid by the company for each week you incur a charge for and receive radiation therapy for cancer care and treatment.
  • Experimental treatment for cancer benefit – for each Day that you incur a charge for and race, I’ve med, medical, hospital or surgical care in connection with experimental treatment t for cancer, loyal American life insurance cancer policy covers the benefit amount to be paid for ea, ch day.,

Family care benefits

  • Child tutorial service benefit – the insurance company pays the benefit amount for each day (1 month per calendar year, per insured child) that your child, covered under the policy, incurs a charge for and receives scholastic tutorial service provided by a tutor accredited by a regional, state or national accrediting organization while receiving cancer treatment.
  • Counseling benefit – they policy will pay for each day (maximum of 10 days per calendar year, per person) that you incur a charge for counseling sessions with a licensed or a certified mental health expert while receiving care  a treatment for cancer.
  • Child care benefit – when you and your covered spouse incurs charges for dependent child care services by a licensed child care provider while you get confined with your spouse to the ICU or hospital with the purpose of care and treatment of cancer, the company will pay a benefit amount. This service is limited to one payment, per day ( maximum of 30 days/calendar year) regardless of the number of children you or your spouse incur for care service charges for.

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  Choosing benefit amounts and options

When choosing benefit amount for loyal American life insurance cancer policy, you can select the benefit amount that best fit your lifestyle and your budget. In addition to the benefits in your base policy, you have the flexibility to add the following riders (for an additional premium)

  • A heart attack or a lump sum cancer rider and stroke rider ($5000-$100,000)
  • A rider to help a cover hospital or ICU stays.

Differences between loyal American life insurance cancer policy and a critical illness plan.

There are differences between a loyal American life insurance policy and a critical illness plan as most people may not know. In a critical illness plan, there is coverage for every expensive treatment for a range of specific critical diseases, these diseases include stroke, paralysis, major organ transplant, cardiac arrest, multiple sclerosis, total blindness, deafness,eyey failure, and other critical related illness. After a policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness, benefits are provided which will be used for treatment, co-pays, therapy, and other expenditures. Whereas the Loyal American life Insurance cancer policy only focuses on any cancer care and treatment-related issues.

However, one significant disadvantage of critical illness plan is that such plans cover cancer in its late stages. For instance, the plan will pay for cancer if a malignant tumor exhibits uncontrolled growth, with severe destruction of normal tissues at an advanced stage. Furthermore, in critical illness plan, there is no waiver of future payments, and the benefit of increasing is not available.

Why you need a cancer insurance plan.   

These insurance is worth considering if:

  • One of your family member was diagnosed with cancer (family history)
  • If you work in a harmful environment that may expose you to cancer.
  • You may not have enough money in the future to cover hefty medical expenditures.
  • Your health insurance policy does not provide enough coverage for you
  • You are the only member who earns money
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